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Founded in 2006, Promotion4art’s objective was primarily to show, in a gallery, works by emerging artists from Europe and countries such as Argentina, Iran and Vietnam.

As a result of strategic decisions, the company’s program will focus from 2009 on representing and promoting young artists with undiscovered talent from Vietnam and we will concentrate as well on the Iranian contemporary artists. Two countries with two different religions and culture but have the same socio-political destiny – the suppression of the freedom of expression.

Many of these Vietnamese artists were born after the American defeat in 1975 and whose parents have lived under the pro-American regime, that meant freedom and higher standard of living; but their young generation has to live under the hardship caused by the post war period and by the drastic change of ideology – the communism. They have to grow up in an environment where the freedom of expression is widely restricted. The brainwashing is commonly known. During more than twenty years the country had been closed on itself economically as well as intellectually. The hardship of living and the poverty kept rising. But still women occupy a very important and leading role in the family life as well as in the history, administration and economy of the country.

Since the market opening and thanks to the technology and the internet bubble, the young Vietnamese could get closer to what happens in other countries. They feel like being stretched between two cultures – the modern and traditional – a phenomenon which they represent in their art of a wide variety of techniques. The ancestral cult remains very strong. The influence by Buddhism is dominating. They explore different issues to get rid of the communist ideology but still to respect of the tradition while trying to improve their live. They are thirsty of changes and filled by ambitious objectives. They have to confront the socio-political issues while willing to make moving the country. Never since Vietnam has to straddle two dynamic changes – economic and socio-political.

In comparison with the economic – social and political evolution in Vietnam, the young Iranians have to face nowadays the rising unemployment rate. They are thirsty of changes to improve their life standards with respect for the tradition as their far-eastern neighbors. In addition and in the contrary of Vietnam, after the revolution, Iranian women had been relayed to a much reduced social status. They have to struggle very hard for equality and independence. They have to fight against history, against the dominant culture led by Islam and against the government intervention.

They all reflect this exciting phenomenon through their art which will be represented to the public by our new introduced and unique online exhibition.

Our price policy P4A

With our new introducing concept, we‘ll apply the transparency to our price policy. This can vary on a daily basis upon the USD currency exchange rate. We do not take commissions on the price in favor of artists.

Our price P4A = P Price fixed by the artist (which will be fully redeemed to artist)

+ 4 Shipping cost from Vietnam or Iran to European countries

+ A Administrative & maintenance fee

We continue to honor our charitable mission towards humanitarian projects for children worldwide, which constitutes one of the cores of our philosophy. Thus the administrative and maintenance fee will help to run our website and to make donation to charitable projects.